Our meals are prepared by experienced chefs

Chicken Tandoori Tikka

Medium sharp grilled chicken breast pieces.


145 Kč 200g

Chicken Tandoori Malai Kabab

Gently spiced grilled chicken breast pieces.


145 Kč 200g

Tandoori Chicken

grilled medium sharp chicken leg.


149 Kč 200g

Chicken Tikka Massala

Grilled chicken pieces with medium spicy sauce with multiple kinds of spices


155 Kč 200g

Chicken Curry

Chicken pieces with curry sauce


138 Kč 200g

Chicken Butter

chicken pieces in Masala flavor


149 Kč 200g

Lamb Curry

Lamb pieces with curry sauce


212 Kč 200g

Fish curry

Fish fillet with curry sauce


141 Kč 200g

Schrimps curry

prawns with curry sauce


209 Kč 200g

Boti Kebab Massala

minced meat with onion and pepper mixture


156 Kč 200g

Vegetable curry

vegetable mix with curry sauce


129 Kč 200g

Rice dishes

Vegetable Byranies

indian rice and vegetable mix


159 Kč 300g

Lamb Byranies

Indian rice mixed with lamb


209 Kč 300g

Chicken Byranies

Indian rice mixed with chicken pieces.


165 Kč 300g

Fisch Byranies

indian rice with fish


169 Kč 300g


Green salad

iceberg lettuce, cucumber, carrot, tomato and pepper


80 Kč 150g

Chicken salad

chicken fried nuggets, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots


112 Kč 150g


mix of yogurt, cucumbers and spices


40 Kč 150g

Side dishes - rice

Indian Basmati rice


42 Kč 150g

Fried rice with cumin seeds


48 Kč 150g

Fried rice is mixed vegetables


75 Kč 150g

Rice with cheese


53 Kč 150g

Rice with peas


49 Kč 150g

Side dishes - Indian bread

Tandoori chapati

Indian pancake


25 Kč 1ks

Tandoori Naan

indian bread


39 Kč 1ks

Tandoori Butter Naan

indian butter bread


42 Kč 1ks

Tandoori Garlic Naan

Indian garlic bread


42 Kč 1ks

Tandoori Peshwari Naan

sweet coconut bread


55 Kč 1ks

Tandoori Lacha Paratha

Indian layered bread


53 Kč 1ks

Tandoori Keema Paratha

Indian layered bread with minced meat


55 Kč 1ks

Tandoori Cheese Paratha

Indian layered bread with cheese


53 Kč 1ks

Rice plus Nan

combination of rice and pancakes


46 Kč

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